The Inaugural Tri Tour of the Western Reserve

3 Triathlon Distances + 3  Time Trials

West Branch State Park Beach

Ravenna, OH 44266

This is a trial event for 2017 and is open to anyone that would like to test-out this!  Portions of the event will be self-supported and is a TRIAL event in which portions of the courses will be self-monitored.

To be involved in this trial event, you will:  

1. Need to register for the half iron distance and...


2. Check "YES" to the question, "Are you participating in the Tri Tour?"

3.  Please e-mail us here at CHAMP and let us know you will be coming out and giving it a whirl!



STAGE #1  Thursday, June 8  7:00pm  5K Run 

Michael J. Kirwin Reservoir Dam, West Branch State Park

***PLEASE NOTE...We understand that getting out to the park for a long weekend is a tough thing to do, especially for a "trial" event, so STAGE #1 can be obtained by means of a "virtual 5K" if needed.  If you cannot attend the opening stage, you will need to run a "virtual" 5K race on your own at some point Thursday and report your time to the CHUMPS.  NO CHEATING! ;) 

STA GE #2  Friday, June 9  12:00pm  Sprint Triathlon  

West Branch State Park Beach

STAGE #3  Friday, June 9  6:00pm  13M Bike Time Trial

West Branch State Park Beach


STAGE #4  Saturday, June 10  8:00am  Olympic Triathlon (concurrent with the GWRT Olympic race)

West Branch State Park Beach  

STAGE #5  Saturday, June 10  6:00pm  500 meter Open Water Swim Time Trial

West Branch State Park Beach

STAGE #6  Sunday, June 11  8:00am  Half-iron Distance Triathlon (concurrent with the GWRT Half-iron)

West Branch State Park Beach  

Welcome to the webpage for the 2017 Inaugural Tri Tour of the Western Reserve Test Race.  The CHaMP CHuMPS are really extending our tiny little triathlon project beyond our means with this one!...But hey...what the heck, right?!  West Branch State Park has been super cool and opened its resources to us for the entire week, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and try something we have been thinking about for a few years now.  We have had so many ( 6 1/2...) requests to offer a multi-day multisport experience for Northeast Ohio, and I guess this is the year to try-it-out!  Each event will have its own independent awards (Top 3 overalls only) and scoring so even if you are not in the "Tour" event, you can still independently sign-up for individual events and race for the individual event awards.  Take a day or 2 off work and join us for some serious multisporting!  Get a camp site across the lake at the West Branch Campground and stay for the weekend.  But be careful...if the CHaMP CHuMPS see you chilling out around the park, they may recruit you to work!  So avoid the short guy with a mid-life crisis dread locked hair style at all cost!  

PS, this is not a "Triple T" event.  The TTT event is really super-cool and a first class race.  This is a brand new type of triathlon stage race that is really super-duper...uuuhhh...really...uuuhhh....well, we don't know yet!  We have never done it, but we hope its super-duper awesome!

The Timeline

Wednesday, June 7

Online Registration Closes at 9:00 PM EST

Thursday, June 8

6:00pm  Tri Tour Stage 1, "The Prelude"  5K Check-in and 5K only registration

7:15pm  Tri Tour Stage 1, "The Prelude"  Start/5K START

Friday, June 9

10:30am Tri Tour Stage 2 Sprint Triathlon Check-in

12:00am Tri Tour Stage 2 Sprint Triathlon START

1:00pm-4:00pm Downtime...Lunch, nap, and beach break! 

4:30pm   Tri Tour Stage 3 Bike TT Check-in (for Tri Tour) and Indepedent Bike TT registration

6:00pm   Tri Tour Stage 3 Bike TT START

Saturday, June 10

6:00am  Tri Tour Stage 4 Olympic Triathlon Check-in

6:00am  Beach/T1 Opens

6:30am  Packet-Pickup Opens and Body Marking in TA

7:50am  Pre-race Meeting in TA

7:57am  Last dash to the bathroom! and TA CLOSES

8:00am  Olympic Distance Waves Start

Saturday, June 10

4:00pm  Tri Tour Stage 5 Open Water Swim TT

Sunday, June 11

5:15am-Beach T1 Opens/Race-day Packet Pick-up & Bike Drop

8:15am-Course Instructions, Pre-race Meeting and TA CLOSES 

8:30am-GWRT Half-Iron MASS START

9:45am-Swim Cut-off

1:30pm-Bike Course Cut-off

4:00pm-Run Course Cut-off

The Bus will leave from Newton Falls City Hall (19 N. North Canal Street)

Bus 1 - 6:40am

Bus 2 - 7:25am